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This is a version history log. Official patch notes were given by the designer of the game, Edmund McMillen.

Wrath Of The Lamb Eternal Edition (1.666)[]

Released May 2nd 2015.[1]

See The Binding of Isaac: Eternal Edition.

Version 1.50[2][]

(Unofficial patch notes)
Released alongside the Unholy Edition of The Binding Of Isaac.

  • Explosive Diarrhea Pill can be found again
  • The Habit only gives the amount of recharge you would get for clearing a room upon being hit, instead of giving 3 points of item recharge flat.
  • The Polaroid only drops from Mom if a Devil Room spawns after the fight.
  • Mutant Spider has been added to the list of "Unique" items, meaning that it will be less common.
  • The Mask + Heart enemy has reduced health.

Wrath Of The Lamb 1.48[3][]

Released July 17th 2012.

  • Super secret rooms are back!
  • Greed + greed heads no longer take coins when touching them while invincible.
  • Bum friend bug fixed
  • Bob's Rotten Head luck removed
  • Sound effects added
  • Animations tweaked a bit
  • Other minor fixes and edits!
  • Trinkets such as The Polaroid and The Left Hand only appear once, if one uses The Dice and gets the item, or fights Mom, a tarot card will be dropped in its place instead. The tarot card's effect is random and not set.

Version 1.45[4][]

Released July 11th 2012.

  • Fixed “other” invincibility bug.
  • Raised music/sfx quality.
  • Refixed secret rooms blocking off areas.
  • Refixed placement of old secret rooms.
  • Fixed “secret chapter” secret rooms.
  • Fixed normal rooms appearing in secret rooms in xl floors.
  • Lots more little tweaks and fixes.

Wrath Of The Lamb 1.4[5][]

One final update to Wrath of the Lamb was released on July 8th 2012.

  • A ridiculous amount of alt bosses added! Alternate colour versions are added to:
    • Common bosses added in Wrath of the Lamb
    • Bosses that can appear in two different sets of floors
    • Harbingers
    • Mom
  • Polaroid is now rewarded by playing really well!
  • Credits have been fully updated!
  • Bug fixes:
    • XL maps generating blocked off portions of the map is fixed
    • Horsemen secret is now unlockable again, platinum god should be attainable again.
    • Knights' AI fixed
    • Psy baby fixed
    • Greed heads slightly nerfed
    • Chocolate milk tweaked
    • Samson slightly buffed
  • Tons of other little fixes here and there.

Wrath Of The Lamb 1.333[]

Version 1.333 was released on June 21 2012.

  • Added "Tomes", "The Wages of Faith" and "My Innermost Apocalypse" to the soundtrack.
  • Fixed invincibility bug when taking a whole heart of damage when having only half a heart.
  • Fixed seven deadly sins bug, so not only an empty room is encountered

Wrath of the Lamb 1.33[6][]

Version 1.33 was released on June 20 2012.

  • Mini-bosses fixed.
  • Frequency of rare new mini-boss raised.
  • Guppy/1up/etc items now fixed (Don't spawn in same room)
  • Blood Banks fixed.
  • Sloth and Flying Babies fixed.
  • Womb XL bug fixed.
  • Devil Room exit door bug fixed.
  • New final boss music added.
  • Ending 13 button added.
  • Other minor tweaks and fixes.
  • Added "Tomes", "The Wages of Faith" and "My Innermost Apocalypse" to the soundtrack.
  • Fixed invincibility bug when taking a whole heart of damage when having only half a heart.
  • Fixed seven deadly sins bug, so not only an empty room is encountered

Wrath of the Lamb 1.30[7][]

Version 1.3 was released on June 19 2012.

  • 8 new unlockable items
  • 8 new achievements
  • A new not-so-secret final chapter
  • A new final ending
  • 3 new music tracks
  • New mini-boss
  • Golden Poop!
  • Updated art, sound fxs and other touch ups added/polished.
  • Updates/Fixes:-Ending 12 and challenge 10 now unlock for everyone.
  • Brimstone is back in working order
    • It also can no longer be charged while being fired, if one tries, the beam is immediately canceled.
  • Alternate end boss active
  • Familiar conflicts fixed
  • Item frequency has been fixed
  • Enemies have been rebalanced
  • Bosses have been rebalanced
  • A “secret boss” now appears where intended
  • Sloth has been buffed. Now while firing Ipecac, a trail of creep follows it on the floor.

Wrath of the Lamb 1.2[8][]

Version 1.2 was released early (EST) on June 9 2012.

  • Fixed missing sounds
  • Balanced a few things
  • Fixed the Milk bug
  • Fixed item list issues
  • Fixed spelunker hat
  • Fixed missing ghost baby
  • Added missing bosses
  • Samson slightly buffed. (Starts with an extra soul heart)
  • Other minor tweaks, edits and balancing.*
    • Leaving a cleared room whith an Eternal Fly inside that turned aggressive after shooting corned poop won't reset the room anymore.

Wrath of the Lamb 1.15[9][]

Update notes

  1. Rebalanced items appearing
  2. Fixed a few minor graphics bugs
  3. Fixed a few item combo bugs
  4. You can no longer fly out of some rooms
  5. Rebalanced damage multiplier items
  6. Rebalanced and fixed minor boss issues
  7. Updated "I got killed by" icon list
  8. Raised the quality of sounds and music
  9. Raised frequency of some later bosses
  10. A handful of other minor tweaks and edits

Wrath of the Lamb 1.1[10][]

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed the Mom room glitch on The Depths / Necropolis XL.
    • Fixed Ending 12 not playing after beating the alternate final boss.
    • Fixed Isaac spawning from the X rocks.
    • Fixed "Sheol" Stage not playing Background Music
    • Fixed "Satan" Boss Fight not playing Background Music
    • Fixed "Challenge" flag carrying over to regular Playthroughs. (Playing "The Purist" with Cain etc.)
    • Fixed random character exploit
    • Fixed Samson's name being Eve on death screens and boss intros
    • Fixed items not appearing after beating the game
    • Fixed Dollar Bill changing into other items
  • Tweaks
    • ​Challenges
      • "Lord of the Flies" Challenge now starts with "The Mulligan" and "Infestation" as opposed to earlier only with "Infestation"
      • "Meat 4 Evar!" Challenge now starts with 4x "Meat Cube" as opposed to earlier with 1x "Meat Cube"
      • "Spiderboy!" Challenge now starts with "Spider's Bite" and "Mutant Spider" as opposed to earlier with only "Spider's Bite"
      • "Isaac was good today" Challenge now starts with "Holy Grail" and "The Halo" as opposed to earlier only with "Holy Grail"
    • Items
      • Nerfed Technology 2
    • Miscellaneous
      • Added extra digits to mom kills (at least 2)

Wrath of the Lamb - May 2012[]

New expanded content

Christmas Update - Christmas 2011[]

Added Krampus and Lump of Coal,40% Chance To Find Krampus In Devil Room.

Update 6 - November 7, 2011[]

Update notes:

  • Fixed halloween save issues
  • Fixed more bugs with brimstone
  • Balanced some overpowered combos
  • Added 2 new tracks to the games soundtrack

Update 5 - November 1, 2011[]

Update info:

  • Fixed Final boss music bug
  • Fixed Brimstone + tech/nail bug
  • Fixed Mr. Boom's recharge bug
  • Fixed Eves unlocking (now unlocked by meeting satan 2 times and getting 2 items from him)
  • Added info subtext for all new items

Update 4 (Halloween) - October 31, 2011[]

Update Notes:

  • BIG HALLOWEEN UPDATE (with no actual lame halloween themes)
    • Added chapter 5 (unlocked after 10 mom kills)
    • Added 3+ new bosses
    • Added 4 new enemies
    • Added 20+ new items
    • Added one new unlockable character (Eve)
    • Added one new "FINAL" ending.
    • Added 6+ new achievements
    • Added 2 new music tracks
    • Added updated collection viewer
    • Added 4 new tarot cards (finishing the major arcana)
  • Fixes:
    • lots of small bugs were fixed
    • load time fixed
    • a few minor item balances

Update 3 - October 14, 2011[]

Update Notes:

  • fixed bug leaving a room thru a broken door
  • item pickup sounds now play properly
  • save system improved
  • fixed music bug with boss music/ambush room music
  • removed a few exploits that break the game
  • prepped the game for Halloween update coming on the 31st!

Update 2 - October 5, 2011[]

Update Notes:

  • Fixed items not saving
  • Fixed controls not saving
  • Fixed Mom+monstro wall clipping issues
  • Fixed control bug
  • Updated all music files
  • fixed minor sound issues

Update 1 - October 2, 2011[]

Update notes:

  • Fixed wall clipping bug
  • Upgraded game save so it wont be deleted by clean up tools
  • Added options to the start screen
  • Added control options within the options menu
  • Added lefty support
  • Added azerty keyboard options
  • Fixed minor music issues
  • Added more alt bosses.


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