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There are various Items in the game that can affect Isaac's tears, giving them a special effect, such as the ability to petrify enemies, or slow them down.

Items and Their Effects on Tears[]

Item Name Item Appearance Arrows In-Game Tears Tears Effect
Mutant Spider
Mutant Spider Icon
Mutant spider tears
Mutant Spider Shot Each shot fires four tears in a narrow spread.
Cupid's Arrow
Cupids Arrow Icon
Cupids Arrow Tears Piercing tears that will travel through enemies.
Mom's Contacts
Moms Contacts Icon
Mom's Contacts Shot Tears have a chance to petrify enemies for a few seconds.
Mom's Eye
Moms Eye Icon
Moms Eye Tears Each time a tear is fired, there is a chance for another tear to be fired from the back of Isaac's head.
The Parasite
The Parasite Icon
The Parasite Shot Tears split into two upon contact with enemies or solid objects.
Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk Icon
Choco Tears
Choco Shot Chargeable shots, that increase in size based on charge time.
The Common Cold
The Common Cold Icon
Common Cold Shot Tears have a chance to poison enemies.
The Inner Eye
The Inner Eye Icon
Triple Shot Each shot fires three tears in a narrow spread.
My Reflection
My Reflection Icon
My Reflection Shot Tears gain a "boomerang" effect and can reutrn to Isaac, at the cost of reduced range.
Ouija Board
Ouija Board Icon
Ouija Board Tears Tears can pass through all environmental objects, but not enemies.
Polyphemus Icon
Poly Shot Tears become larger and do increased damage, and can pass through enemies if they are killed in one hit.
Technology 2 Technology 2 Icon Technology2 Shot A continous laser is fired, alongside tears with a lowered firing speed.
Tough Love
Tough Love Icon
File:Tough Luck Shot.png Tears have a chance to be replaced by teeth, which deal triple damage.
Number One
Number One Icon
Number One Shot Range is greatly reduced, in exchange for high firing speeds.
Spoon Bender
Spoon Bender Icon
Homing Shot Purple tears that can lightly home in on enemies.
The Mulligan
The Mulligan Icon
Tears have a chance to spawn Attack Flies.
Spider Bite
Spiders Bite Icon
Spider Bite Tears Tears have a chance to slow down enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Technology Icon
Technology Shot Tears are replaced with a pulsing laser, which has infinite range and can pierce through enemies.