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Trites are type of spiders first added to the Wrath of the Lamb DLC for the original game, and also appear in the Rebirth remake. They are even larger spiders, with an upside-down human-like face. They possess large fangs and four eyes that are leaking blood.

In Rebirth, the Trites are also encountered in the Basement.


They are functionally identical to the Flamming Hoppers, randomly jumping great distances around the room, although they will move towards the player if they're too close.

It is entirely possible to move safely beneath them while they're airborne. They can still receive damage from tears while in the air, although it's best to target them just after they land. Therefore, they will wait about 1.5 seconds before the next jump.

They are commonly found in the Cellar and Catacombs, and rarely in Necropolis. Some Hoppers are sometimes replaced with these during Challenge Room fights or Greed encounters.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Trites will wait a longer time before their first jump, but will then accurately follow the player with every jump. They will also shoot 4 tears in the cardinal directions every time they land, as well as leaving white creep where they land.


  • They can be spawned by The Wretched during her boss fight.
    • In Rebirth, they have a chance to be spawned after killing the Nest.


  • They appear in the first trailer for Wrath of the Lamb.
  • A Trite's Face resembles Isaac's appearance when upgraded with Mutant Spider, only turned upside down.
  • From the original game, if Isaac gets killed by a Trite from the original game, Isaac's Last Will will state that it was a Hopper instead. This hints the Trite has the same coding as a Flaming Hopper.
  • The name Trite was first used by a monster from the Doom franchise.
    • Both Wrath of the Lamb's and Doom's Trite are inspired by a monster known as "Norris-Thing" of John Carpenter's The Thing. This was confirmed by Edmund on Formspring.
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