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Triachnid (aka "Daddy Long Legs II") is an alternate version of Daddy Long Legs and is unlocked by completing the Womb and/or Utero 15 times.


He hovers in the middle of the room much like Mom's Heart and It Lives. He has four different attacks:

  • Stomping all three of his feet around the room.
  • Retracting into the air and stomping one foot at a time.
  • Spawning a Trite by coughing them up.
  • Slamming his own head into the ground to stomp Isaac, firing blood tears in 8 directions.

Its attacks are identical to Daddy Long Legs, except more white slowing creep comes from his 'feet' and using his headslam attack spews 8 diagonal shots across the room.

Unlike the other alternate unlocks (Steven, C.H.A.D. and Gish), Triachnid does not have a specific item drop.

Champion Variant


Every stomp of Eternal Triachnid leaves a small puddle of white creep and sometimes, an additional Sack. All other attacks are same as its normal counterpart.


  • This boss is a reference to another of Edmund McMillen's games, Tri-Achnid, which can be found here.
    • The story of the flash game is that Triachnid is trying to find a safe haven for his children. In Wrath of the Lamb, Triachnid presumably would have replaced Daddy Long Legs.
  • Before version 1.15, Triachnid would replace Isaac in the Cathedral as the final boss if Isaac was defeated while The Polaroid trinket was being held. This was confirmed as a glitch by Edmund McMillen after it was replaced with ??? with the 1.15 patch and removed from the game.[1]
  • With 1.333, Triachnid was added back to the game and it correctly unlocks as an alternative boss to Daddy Long Legs instead.



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