IsaacHDIsaac Rebirth

A small wafer of unleavened bread.


  • Reduces all kinds of damage received to half a heart.


  • The item reduces any damage Isaac receives to half a heart, instead of only halving it.


  • Using The Bible on Satan, Isaac or ??? after picking up The Wafer will not kill the player, but damages the player for half a heart.
  • Will not and cannot work with Keeper.



  • The Wafer is a reference to the consecrated hosts made of unleavened bread used in the Catholic Liturgy of the Mass.
  • When picking up The Wafer, the message shown at the bottom of the screen has misspelled damage resistance as "damage resistence". This was fixed in Rebirth.


  • Having The Wafer will reduce all deals with the devil for ??? to half a soul heart, as long as he has at least 3 Soul Hearts.
    • This bug can also work with any other character, as long as the item is up for Soul Hearts, and the character itself has at least 3 Soul Hearts.

Related Achievements

Wafer "The Wafer" - Complete The Womb 2 seven times.

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