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The Purist is Challenge #10 from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

The player will start off with nothing, not even The Dice, even if they have already unlocked it. Their goal is to defeat Isaac. There are no Treasure Rooms.


Due to starting itemless, and with no access to Treasure Rooms for items, this challenge is considered to be one of if not the hardest challenge in the game.


  • Since there are no Treasure Rooms, you will need to find another way of getting Collectibles. Even though Treasure Rooms are the main way of getting them, there are a lot more ways to do it. For example:


  • This challenge (initially locked), is unlocked by defeating Isaac in the Cathedral.


Daddys LoveDaddy's Love - Complete The Purist (challenge #10).


  • Unlike all other challenges, the We Need To Go Deeper! item doesn't need to be avoided, and that also applies to accessing the I AM ERROR room. This is because even though there is no trapdoor to Sheol after beating It Lives!, as you're supposed to beat Isaac, if you access Sheol by the means just mentioned, beating Satan will still count as completing the challenge.
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