The Polaroid is a Trinket in original Binding of Isaac. In Rebirth, it becomes an item. It's a photo featuring probably Isaac and his parents.


  • Grants the access to the Chest .
  • Grants 5 seconds of invincibility (similar effect to Book of Shadows ) if Isaac takes damage with 1/2 red heart remaining.


  • The Polaroid is guaranteed to drop from Mom .
    • In original Binding of Isaac, if the player manages to empty the trinket pool before Mom's fight, it will not drop there.
  • If the player has no Heart Containers, the effect is triggered every time they take damage.
  • In Rebirth, it's possible to obtain multiple copies of The Polaroid, but doing so does not stack its effect.
    • It's also possible to reroll it into another item with D6, however doing so will prevent the player from entering the Chest for the rest of the run.
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