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The Husk (ザ・ハスク Za Hasuku) is a Wrath of the Lamb boss found in the Catacombs. He is the posthumous version of The Duke of Flies.


This boss moves at a much faster rate than the Duke of Flies. He mainly uses the spawning of Flies, like the original Duke of Flies, as well as that of Spiders to attack. He also spits out blood projectiles, one similar to Monstro's cough attack (though with fewer projectiles), and the other similar to Loki's 8-way blood shot. Like his predecessor, the Husk has comparably little health and can go down within a few seconds. Also, his attacks are random, so these are a few warning signs that should be looked out for:

  • When he grins, he vomits blood (similar to Monstro).
  • When he puffs up, he will fire the 8-way blood shot.

The Spiders are more threatening than the Flies, so they should be taken out first. If you remember these signs, you will escape with little to no harm. Remember - patience is the key

Champion Variants


The Husk Alt 2

Spawns flies and Boom Flies. Also periodically shoots 8 directional bullets. When killed, leaves several flies and two Boom Flies.


The Husk Alt 1

Roughly half as big (picture here is not actual size) and moves at double speed. Does not spawn enemies at all, but fires bullets constantly in 8 directions. When killed, leaves several flies and two Red Boom Flies. The shape of this champion also seems to be vertically stretched.


Eternal Husk

Eternal Husk is slightly bigger than normal Husk. It remains the ability to use Monstro's attack and 8-way-bullet attack, but spawns more Attack Flies (sometimes even Spiders). There're also 3 pairs of Eternal Flies (6 in total) surrounding it, acting as its shield. Upon death, it spawns much more Attack Flies and a few Fat Flies.



  • According to Edmund during his Indie Game: The Movie commentary, the Husk was named after something Jon Blow and Phil Fish said. ("Then you're left with a joyless husk. A joyless husk.")
  • The Husk was called "Duke of Flies 2" during development.
  • When killed by the Husk, the Duke Of Flies will appear on Isaac's Last Will.
  • His left eye appears to be partially open and missing, but both of the Duke of Flies' eyes seem to be pushed in.
  • The Husk seems to have a similar "Y" shape scar as the Duke of Flies.


The Binding Of Isaac The Husk

The Binding Of Isaac The Husk

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