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The Forsaken (ザ・フォーセークン Za Fōsēkun) is a boss added in the Afterbirth expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is the posthumous version of The Haunt. It appears in Chapter 2.


It is a skeletal version of The Haunt with empty eye-sockets and dry-brown/tan colors. It sport with few cracks from its skull, a spinal cord for a "tail", and a single bone for each arms.

While shooting 3 Brimstone lasers, The Forsaken's eye-sockets possess with flames as "pupils".


The Forsaken has only 2 attacks which it repeats constantly.

It will summon a single Bony (sometimes 2 Bonies but very rarely). For the entirety of the duration the Bony is not killed in, The Forsaken will turn transparent. The player can not damage The Forsaken while it does this, and tears go directly through the transparent boss.

Once the Bony is defeated, The Forsaken turns back to normal full opacity, and it shoots 3 Brimstone lasers coming out of it in different directions which are symmetrical to each other. The lasers spin around The Forsaken. This is the point where the player can attack the boss.

Once this attack is finished, The Forsaken repeats the first attack, becoming transparent and summoning a Bony. This cycle continues until The Forsaken is defeated.


  • "Forsaken" means abandoned or deserted.
  • The Forsaken's face is reused from The Haunt's second phase appearance.
  • The Forsaken's pose while transparent look very similar to the Boo enemy from the Mario series as both cover their eyes.
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