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The Doctor's Revenge! is Challenge #6 from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

The player will start off with the Doctor's Remote and Dr. Fetus items. Their goal is to defeat Mom's Heart/It Lives!. There are no Treasure Rooms.


Because Isaac starts with Dr. Fetus, he'll never need Bombs. However, due to Dr. Fetus replacing all tears with bombs, some obstacles may be presented. For example:

  • Since Isaac can damage himself with his own bombs, having them for tears could heavily backfire on him, possibly leading to his death.
  • Dr. Fetus may override some otherwise very helpful tear upgrades, and Isaac may not be able to increase his damage significantly.
  • In Arcades, due to Shell Game Beggars spawning Attack Flies, and because Bombs will cause beggars to explode, Isaac may have a hard time trying to kill the attack fly without destroying the Shell Game.
  • Fast enemies like flies or Globins/Gazing Globins may just run away before the bomb is able to explode.
    • Because globins turn into a pile of goo when killed, and the low tears stat that Isaac has with Dr. Fetus, destroying the goo whilst also having to run away from the globins who aren't goo might come to be a difficult task.
      • Moreover, most of the time globins will take 2 bomb explosions to become goo, making battling them even more difficult.
    • Because of the tears stat being so low, having enemies not be killed by one explosion could turn out very punishing, as Isaac may have to run away from their attacks before trying to hit them again.

If you're accustomed to using Dr. Fetus and overcoming its weaknesses, this challenge should be trivial to survive.


  • As for almost all challenges, the We Need To Go Deeper! item must be avoided, and that also applies to accessing the I AM ERROR room (unless you have the Teleport! item). Otherwise, you will not beat the challenge normally, and instead go to Sheol.
  • Bomb Upgrades like Bobby-Bomb, Mr. Mega, Bob's Curse, etc., are very helpful in this challenge, as they will upgrade every bomb thrown.
    • Nontheless, Boom! and Pyro are heavily impacted by the devaluation of bombs in this challenge, since the player has infinite bombs, and won't need them, essentially making these items redundant.
      • Some other items affected by Dr. Fetus' functionality are X-Ray Vision and Spelunker Hat, since you could just bomb every wall until you eventually find the secret rooms. These however, still ease the process.
    • Try to find Mini-Boss rooms, as Wrath may drop a bomb upgrade on death.
  • It would be beneficial to take advantage of your infinite bomb supply to try to find both Secret Rooms, as they may contain more items to help you on your run, which you'll need considering there are no treasure rooms to help you out.
  • Practice timing bomb explosions and running away from enemies whilst not running into your own bombs early on, as you'll need to get good at it if you don't want to be killed by Mom or Mom's Heart/It Lives!, since they spawn so many monsters.



MegaFetusMega Fetus - Complete The Doctor's Revenge! (challenge #6).

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