Here are some general rules and regulations for chat:

  • No spam
  • No nudity/inappropriate pictures
  • Keep links to sites, pics or videos clean
  • Do not spam chat
  • Keep it polite
  • No excessive swearing
  • One account per person, no alternate accounts

Posting links to porn, obscene videos, images or anything excessively violent is strictly forbidden. First offenses of this type will result in an immediate 1-week's banishment from chat followed by a period of probation (as in you'd better behave).

If a chat mod or admin asks you to stop something, it is generally for the best that you listen. Excessive cursing or obscene chat or refusing to stop when an admin/chatmod asks you to do so can result in a 24 hour ban from chat.

Spamming in chat can result in being kicked immediately. If you come back and continue, we will ban you.

If any user banned from chat continues to act up on the wiki itself, you will only prolong the ban and risk a user ban from the entire wiki.

Creating, possessing or using an alternate account (especially to bypass punishment) is punishable by an immediate and indefinite ban on the alt account and only serves to further whatever punishment has been incurred on the main account.

The best way to avoid any form of punishment on the wiki is just to be polite, listen to admins and moderators and accept a punishment with dignity if it comes your way. If you feel you've been treated unfairly, creating an alternate account or starting complaints or fights on the wiki isn't the proper solution; we have multiple mods for that reason. Explain your situation calmly and thoroughly (and be honest) with a different mod, but do not expect anything in particular.

Again, simply be polite, pay attention to mods and just try to have some clean fun.

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