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Tears are what Isaac shoots out at the start of all games. It is the lowest damaging weapon and can be upgraded.


Regular tears[]


Tears being shot by Isaac.

The Tear is the main attack weapon of The Binding of Isaac. It is the most basic weapon in the game and can be replaced by items like IPECAC, Mom's Knife or Dr. Fetus, etc.

Blood tears[]


Blood Tears being shot by Judas.

Blood Tears are an upgraded version of Tears. They show up whenever some of these conditions are met. (see the Mechanics Guide)

  • You do not have Ipecac
  • You have one of the following items:
    • SMB Super Fan!
    • Blood of the Martyr
    • Tooth Picks
  • You have a Devil Card, Book of Belial, Whore of Babylon, or The Nail activated
  • Your final damage is over 5.5 (without Polyphemus)
  • Your final damage is over 15 (with Polyphemus)
  • If you have Chocolate Milk, the damage conditions above are not applicable
  • You are shooting from your empty eye socket with Peeper

Tear Upgrades[]

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Homing Tears[]

Homing Tear

Homing Tears shot by Isaac with Spoon Bender.

Homing Tears chase enemies, and they are colored purple. They are shot by the character when they have Spoon Bender, Sacred Heart, I The Magician or Telepathy for Dummies active. They are also shot by Little Steve, Psychic Maws, Conquest, Isaac (boss) and ??? (boss).

Piercing/Technology Tears[]

Tech Tears

Isaac with Technology equipped.

Piercing Tears are shot by the character when they have Cupid's Arrow. Technology Tears are lasers shot by the character with Technology/Technology 2, as well as Robo-Baby. These tears travel through enemies and damage them, but they don't travel through solid objects, such as rocks.

Spectral Tears[]

Specrtal Tears

Spectral Tears being shot by Isaac.

Spectral tears are shot by the player when they have Ouija Board, Spirit of the Night or the Dead Dove. They are also shot by Ghost Baby.

IPECAC Shots[]

Main article: IPECAC
IPECAC tears

Isaac shooting IPECAC shots.

IPECAC Shots are green, round bombs which are shot by the character with IPECAC, and also Guts, Pestilence, Fred, Scolex, etc. They explode on contact with Solid objects or monsters when shot by the player, and sometimes leave a trail of Green Creep behind.