Drops a penny or nickel when you take damage. Similar effect to Piggy Bank.

Combine Piggy Bank, Midas's Touch, Mom's Purse (with Counterfeit Penny), E.Coli, Glowing Hour Glass, IV Bag and the Jera rune with Swallowed Penny, will make you get more coins after taking damage. The golden poops from E.Coli with Midas's Touch will generate even more coins from taking damage. This is handy if you are in a shop with a donation machine and Glowing Hour Glass is there, put all of the coins in the donation machine and use IV Bag (if you have it along with the other items) to generate more coins and Jeraing the coins to double them and put them into the donation machine leaving 7-15 coins to buy Glowing Hour Glass, use it to turn back time and repeat the process to max out the donation machine as it will keep the total amount of coins where you left it even if you use Glowing Hour Glass.

This is good for fun and/or game-breaking runs where you just want to unlock everything.


  • This item is an actual reference to young children swallowing coins accidentally.
  • Gives a coin 100% of the time as Keeper
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