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Super Wrath is a randomly encountered super version of Wrath, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. He is added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC.

Super Wrath can easily be distinguished from the normal version of Wrath by his increased size and the damage to his helmet, as well as the fact that the skin has been blown or burned off his face. He also has a mouth, unlike normal Wrath, presumably screaming in anger.


He attacks similarly to the normal version of Wrath, but instead of firing a normal Bomb, he fires a Super Troll Bomb. The bombs fired may slide along the floor first before beginning to follow Isaac.


Since Super Troll bombs can fly over rocks to home in on Isaac, Super Wrath can easily trap the player between Rocks and deal lots of damage. Once the destructible rocks are out of the way, this boss becomes simpler to deal with, but there are still the indestructible rocks that can block Isaac. Having Flight is a very effective way to deal with the rocks, practically turning this boss into a simpler version of Super Pride.

Champion Variant[]

Eternal Super Wrath

Eternal Super Wrath uses a completely new set of attacks:

  • Always pursues Isaac.
  • No longer fires bombs or Super Troll Bombs, instead he leaves normal bombs on his path.
  • Shoots 3 blood shots every time he takes damage.

This variant was added in the Eternal Edition update but can be encountered exclusively in Hard Mode.


  • It is also possible to run into both Wrath and Super Wrath in one room (most common in The Womb/Utero).
  • Super Wrath is immune to poison from Bob's Curse, Bob's Rotten Head and IPECAC.
  • Super Wrath's bombs deal nearly Mega Bomb damage to himself and Wrath, but less damage to other enemies. Other explosions deal nearly Mega Bomb damage to him as well.


  • It is theorized that super wrath is actually a person frozen mid-scream while being burned alive inside a bomb suit. This explains the considerable damage to the suit and the greyish 'burns' on super wrath's skin compared to his pale pink version.
    • This may be also why that he throws bombs at the player.


In-Game Footage[]

Coming soon.

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