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Super Sloth is a randomly encountered Super version of Sloth, one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion, Super Sloth can be distinguished from his normal Sloth counterpart by his single open eye.


Super Sloth attacks by firing two IPECAC bombs and spawning two spiders at a time.


With the dual IPECAC poison bomb attack, this boss can dish out damage easily if not properly dodged. His spawned spiders will try to distract you from doing so. Also, you need to be very careful when he spawns them, as they come out very quickly. It is best to ignore them most of the time since Super Sloth will often kill them with his projectiles.

He can usually drop items such as Bob's Curse, or Tarot Cards.

Champion Variant[]

Eternal Super Sloth

Eternal Super Sloth uses 2 attacks:

  • Spawns 2 volleys of Spiders or Attack Flies (2 for spiders and 3 for flies).
  • Shoots 2 volleys of blood shots.

This variant was added in the Eternal Edition update but can be exclusively found in Hard Mode.


  • Much like his "normal" counterpart, he has the appearance of a black and dark-green Gazing Globin, the alternate version of the Globin.


  • Like Pestilence, Super Sloth can be poisoned and take damage, but he will not turn green.
  • As of Wrath of The Lamb v.1.48, Super Sloth is bugged and does not have the head of a Gazing Globin, and is simply a larger version of Sloth. It is unknown if this was fixed in Eternal Edition.


In-Game Footage[]

Coming soon.

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