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Super Pride (スーパープライド Sūpāpuraido) is a randomly encountered Super version of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


His appearance look identical the regular Pride but completely pink.


Super Pride differs from his normal counterpart by dropping two Mega Troll Bombs around the room (which will chase Isaac when he's near them) instead of dropping six regular troll bombs (like the tarot card The Tower and the Anarchist Cookbook); he also shoots blood in the cardinal directions during his normal four-way diagonal attack.


Super Pride is particularly easy to deal with because appears in large open rooms that make dodging his Mega Troll Bombs simple. His additional blood-shot attacks are also very predictable because Super Pride will always fire to the exact same direction. Also, strangely, he seems to attack even less frequently, then the regular Pride, choosing to wander around the room instead of actually attacking.

When defeated, Super Pride may drop The Dead Cat, a bomb, or a tarot card.

Eternal Super Pride's Behavior

Eternal Super Pride uses 2 attacks:

  • Summons 2 Super Troll Bombs.
  • Shoots much more blood shots during his 4-way diagonal attack. The 4-way attack also covers a longer range.


  • The Tower, Anarchist Cookbook, Troll Bombs and Mega Troll Bombs (including Mega Fetus bombs) don't work on Pride.


  • Super pride

    Super Pride's old look.

    Prior to 1.4 Super Pride's appearance was identical to the normal Pride, but completely colored in black.
  • Super Pride's pink colors may be a reference to "gay pride". The color pink is often associated with homosexuality and "pride" is the term used by those who work to end discrimination against homosexual, bisexual, and transgender individuals. Since The Binding of Isaac and the Rebirth remake are heavily influenced by Christian themes and iconography, Super Pride's color might be a reference to the fact that many Christians stated homosexuality (as well as bisexuality and transgender) to be a sin.


  • Like regular Pride, Super Pride will be immune to the bombs fired from Isaac when using Mr. Mega and Dr. Fetus. Normal dropped bombs still hurt him, however.

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