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Super Gluttony is one of the Seven Super Deadly Sins added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. He has the same body as Double Vis (amusingly, the body is a different color than the head), and his cheeks are swollen (with what is presumably dried blood caking his mouth).


He attacks similarly to Double Vis by firing a Brimstone-like blood beam from two parallel directions. He also shoots blood in all 8 directions, along with various blood shots in a cluster, similar to one of Monstro's attacks.


When he starts his "pop" attack (the one that goes in 8 directions plus few other projectiles that goes in a Monstro-like pattern), go the most far away from him. This will guarantee that the additional projectiles will not hit you. His dual-blood beam attack is also easily dodged by not aligning with him horizontally/vertically during the duration of the beam.

While firing the beam, he will be completely helpless, thus making this the perfect time to attack him from the sides he does not fire the laser. You can see he is going to fire his Brimstone-like laser, when he puts his "hands" on the opening of his belly.

Super Gluttony can drop a Bucket of Lard or hearts upon his defeat.

Champion Variant[]

Eternal Super Gluttony's attacks are much like Eternal Gluttony's attack patterns:

  • Fires a volley of blood shots in a spread pattern with several extra shots in a cluster.
  • Shoots a blood beam from 2 opposite directions (similar to Double Vis), the blood beam leaves creep that disappears after around 15 seconds.

This variant was added in the Eternal Edition update but can be exclusively found in Hard Mode.


In-Game Footage[]

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