This article is about the item Steven. For the boss with the same name, see Steven (boss).

Not to be confused with the Familiar, Little Steve

Steven's severed head.


When picked up, makes a smiling tumor grow on the side of Isaac's head.

Increases Damage by 1.

If Little Steve has already been acquired, Steven will drop this item instead. There is also a chance to get Steven without Little Steve.

Using The Dice on Little Steve after the Steven boss fight will have a small chance to change it to Steven.



  • The item is a reference to one of Edmund McMillen's games, Time Fcuk, along with the boss Steven himself and the item Little Steve.
  • In Time Fcuk, the majority of the game takes place inside a box, which may explain why the item can be found in golden chests.

Related Achievements

Myheadhurts "My Head Hurts..." - Defeat Steven.

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