A coupon with 50% written on it.


Isaac gets a 50% tag attached to his head.

Reduces all Shop prices by 50%, rounded down (in the case of collectible or activated items) or rounded up (in all other cases). Will not affect items that were already on sale before obtaining this item.

If two Steam Sale items are found in the same run, shop items will be free. Rendering the game broken.





  • On Xbox One, Ps4, and Vita, it is named Steamy sale


  • It is possible to get two Steam Sales during one gaming session. If Greed spawns in a Secret Room, it can still spawn the Steam Sale, even though a shop might offer it on the same floor as well.In order for this to work, the player must not pick up a Steam Sale before both are spawned. Collecting two Steam Sales wil reduce store items to 0.
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