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Tears stat

The rate at which the player shoots tears; a higher value means a shorter delay between one tear and the next!

Actual tear rate is measured in the delay from one tear fired to the next, increasing the stat decreases this delay.

Tears do not have a maximum value, but there is a so called "soft-cap". After certain set values are reached the benefits gained from this stat start to decrease.


Calculating the fire rate of Isaac, while not as convoluted as calculating damage, is still pretty counter-intuitive and requires a bit of math and extra stages. Here we go.

Stage 1: Calculating the Basic Tears Stat[]

The Basic Tears Stat is a stat which affects the final fire rate in a bit of a weird way. These items increase the Basic Tears Stat:

Item Increases Basic Tears Stat by:
The Halo 0.2
Number One 1.5
Odd Mushroom (Small) 1.7
The Pact 0.7
Sacred Heart -0.4
Sad Onion 0.7

Small Rock

SMB Super Fan 0.2
Squeezy 0.4
Wire Coat Hanger 0.7
Tears Up Pill 0.35
Tears Down Pill -0.28

Note that Samson starts with -0.25 on his Basic Tears Stat

Stage 2: Calculating the Delay[]

After you calculate your Basic Tears Stat, you can turn that into the Delay (in number of frames) between shots as such:

  • If your Basic Tears Stat is positive, then Delay = 16 - 6*sqrt(1 + 1.3*Basic Tears Stat)
    • Minimum delay is limited to 5 with Basic Tears Start at 1.82
  • If your Basic Tears Stat is 0, then Delay = 10
  • If your Basic Tears Stat is negative but above -0.77, then Delay = 16 - 6*sqrt(1 + 1.3*Basic Tears Stat) - Basic Tears Stat*6
  • If your Basic Tears Stat is below -0.77, then Delay = 16 - Basic Tears Stat*6

After you calculate your Delay, then it gets affected by these items (in this order):

Stage 3: Calculating Fire Rate[]

Since there are 30 frames per second, the Fire Rate (measured in tears per second) is simply 30 divided by the Delay. Below is a graph showing the relationship between the Basic Tears Stat and the Fire Rate provided the player doesn't have Chocolate Milk, Cancer, IPECAC, Polyphemus, Mutant Spider or the Inner Eye. Note, however, that since the Delay has to be a whole number (presumably), the Fire Rate can only be specific numbers and caps at 6 tears per second.

Also as noted above, when your Basic Tears Stat is 0 (i.e. you're not playing as Samson and haven't picked up any items which modify the Tears stat), you fire 3 tears per second.

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