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Stats are the character's numerical values. They can be seen in the Pause screen and are represented by icons with bars showing their values.


Main article: Stats/Health
Health stat

Health is the amount of Hearts the player has, with two hearts equaling 2 health. The amount of health in the "Life" Section can be zoomed to 48 hearts visible, but the amount of health is limited to 12 red Hearts, although there is no limit for Soul Hearts, Unlike in Rebirth. Also, in Hard Mode, you can have up to 16 red hearts, and any heart container gained after will give you a Soul Heart, similar to ???.


Main article: Stats/Speed
Speed stat

Speed determines how fast the player moves. It has a base value and multiplier that serve to calculate how fast Isaac can move at any given moment. The base speed is 1.0, and each starting character has a starting Speed multiplier. Some items can also increase or decrease the speed multiplier.

Furthermore, this stat is unique since it has an actual limit. Once it reaches a certain point, it can no longer be upgraded.


Main article: Stats/Tears
Tears stat

This stat determines how fast Isaac can shoot tears. The higher the value, the less delay between shots.

Tear rate is measured in the delay from one tear to the next, this means that when the stat increases there is less delay between shots. They also have a so-called "soft-cap" which means that after certain value, the benefit from tears-up items starts to decrease. To see how the tear delay is calculated, see Tear Calculations.


Main article: Stats/Damage
Attack stat

The Damage stat determines the amount of damage each and every tear does. With some items that deal rapid damage like Brimstone or Mom's Knife, this changes the amount of damage done per hit.

Even though it is shown as an absolute bar value, damage is actually not displayed, which similar to Speed, has a base value(that being 3.5), and a character-specific multiplier that can also be changed by items. And similar to Tears, it has a soft-cap and and a convoluted way of calculating it.


Main article: Stats/Range
Range stat

Range determines the distance that a tear will travel before eventually falling to the ground. Some items, like Technology, can max this stat without visually changing it in the Pause menu. Also, the shot speed stat affects range because of the fact that it is based on the time tears spend on the air, and more speed means more time on the air.

Usually, range stops being useful after tears can reach the other side of the room, but items that give Homing Tears can benefit from extra range. Additionally, and just like the previous two stats, Range also has a soft-cap.

Hidden Stats[]

Main article: Stats/Hidden Stats

Hidden Stats are stats that are not visible to the player. These include Shot Speed, Luck and Special.

Shot Speed[]

Shot Speed increases the rate at which tears travel. On top of that, it also increases the knockback done by them. Furthermore, A Lump of Coal benefits from a lower shot speed, as more time on screen means more damage, and the opposite is true as well.


The Luck stat affects both the probability to find an item after clearing a room and the chance to shoot teeth with Tough Love, with which you will do so at a chance of 1/(10-Luck). It has a starting value of 0.

Ironically, neither the Lucky Foot nor the Lucky Toe have an effect on Luck. The only way to change the luck stat is by taking the Luck Up or Luck Down pill.


The Special stat, which has a starting value of 0, is used for determining the chance that a special item will be created in an item creation process like the opening of a Golden Chest or the entering of an Angel Room. The lower the Special stat is, the higher the chance that a special item will appear.

For more info and a list of Special Items, See Special Stat.