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Spoon Bender is a passive item.

A bent spoon.


A third eye opens up on Isaac's head which burns with a purple flame.

Spoon Bender gives Isaac the ability to shoot homing tears. These tears are colored purple and are able to change their path to pursue enemies.

When using homing tears while fighting Mom the tears sometimes change the enemy aimed at and circle at the place where Mom will stomp right after.


  • Technology - Affects visually, but with no Effect.


  • Cupid's Arrow - Causes the tears to fly towards enemies, hit them and home in on them again. This allows for multiple hits.
  • The Inner Eye/Mutant Spider - Will enable Isaac to fire multiple homing shots at once.
  • IPECAC - Shots will home in on enemies, allowing the IPECAC shots to become easier to hit however it can be a problem if the enemy is running towards Issac.
  • Ouija Board - Homing tears can be fired behind cover (such as a rock), and can hit enemies easily.
  • Mom's Knife - Will slightly home in on enemies.
  • Dr. Fetus - Bombs will slightly home in on enemies.
  • The Parasite - Shots will home in on enemies, and the two split shots will come back to hit the enemy again or home in on other nearby enemies.
  • Brimstone - Gives a controllable ring of brimstone the distorts towards enemies.
  • Technology 2 - The laser will home on enemies.
  • My Reflection - Homing shots stop, then go in any direction to hit an enemy.
  • Chocolate Milk - Charged-up shots will home in on enemies.


  • The collectibles name "Spoon Bender" is a reference to the famous psychic Uri Geller, whose trademark move is bending spoons with his will alone. Bending spoons has since become associated with psychic powers in popular culture.
  • The Psychic Maw monster added in Wrath of the Lamb DLC sports the same eye as Isaac and utilizes the same kind of homing shot.
  • Spoon Bender may also be a reference to the Matrix, when Neo finds a child that he confronts who has the ability to bend a spoon after he states "There is no spoon".
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