A fly with a small heart over it.


Isaac wears a pile of Poop on his head.

Upon collection, all the various fly type enemies will no longer harm you, shoot, or split. However, Boom Flies will still be harmful, but their speed is greatly reduced. Suckers will be unaffected. Moters will still harm Isaac, but won't break into two flies upon taking damage.

This item has 1/13 chance to appear in the Shell Game.


  • An Attack Fly that has recently spawned takes a small amount of time to convert into a regular Fly, making it possible for Isaac to accidentally take damage.
  • Peep's eyes share the same AI as Boom Flies. Therefore, they will also be slowed during the fight if Skatole is collected.
  • If you have the Lucky Foot, you have better chances of winning the Shell Game and thus winning the Skatole.
  • Skatole can be re-rolled with The Dice, and will draw from the Treasure Room item pool.



  • Skatole is named after an indole found in feces, which attracts flies.
    • The name is derived from the Greek root "skato-", which means "dung".
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