This article refers to the boss. For the enemy, see Vis.

Sisters Vis (シスターズ・ビス Shisutāzu Bisu) are a pair of bosses added to the Afterbirth † DLC. She appear in The Depths and Necropolis from Chapter 3. She is an alternative version of The Cage.

Description Description

Both are round, hunched creatures with leathery skin sporting few visible veins. They have stubby limbs and wear a mask similar to the Gimpy item. Their chest sport an autopsy stitch.

Blast Behavior

Similar to The Cage, the pair curls up in a ball and roll towards the character, bouncing off the walls. If the player gets in a vertical line in any of the Sisters Vis, that Sisters Vis will make a pose, and shoot a giant blood beam, similar to Vis.

Note Notes

  • From the Greedier mode, the character will have a chance to encounter at least 8 Sisters Vis.

Question Trivia

  • She is a boss from Gish, one of Edmund McMillen's previous games.
    • From said game, the enemies Sisters Vis spawn are known as "Nibblers".
  • Before update patch v1.06.0182, Sisters Vis's health amount is 800. As in the said update, her health amount drops to 500, then dropped to 350 in patch v1.06.0193.
  • Sister Vis unlocked

    Sisters Vis from the unused "unlocked" screen.

    Sister Vis

    Sisters Vis's name texture.

    Before the second DLC, she was once scrapped from Rebirth's release while her "V.S" name and the unlock screen texture can be found within the game files. As suggested from the ultimately scrapped unlock screen, Sister Vis was going to be originally fought in Sheol. Also, like few other unlockable bosses, they can be unlocked as well as unlocking the achievement after beating Sheol 10 times.
    • From her name texture, the letter "s" is missing from the word "Sisters".
  • Despite being called Sisters Vis, her appearance shares the exact resemblance to her counterpart Vis Sister (also a boss from Gish) rather than wearing a Catholic nun's dress.
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