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Sheol battle with bugged Mr. Boom

Sheol (pronounced "shee-ohl") is a level that was added in the Halloween Update. The walls appear to be the same material found in the Devil Room, most likely a reference to the name of the level, meaning "underworld" in Hebrew. Unlike other chapters, Sheol only has one floor, with Satan as the boss.

Like in The Womb, many rooms contain past bosses, but now the bosses are also drawn from The Depths and Womb, as well as the Harbingers. Like in The Womb, there are even duplicate bosses, although they are more common now (Especially Loki and Gemini). In addition to duplicates of Sins, Sins accompained by other enemies, or even duplicates of Sins with other enemies, are common.

Challenge Rooms are the only unique rooms in Sheol. They usually consist of three boss fights in a row, but can give the same monster spawn patterns as The Womb[1].

Sheol can be accessed early if a Devil/Angel room spawns after killing Mom's Heart. You will unlock both the ending and the appropriate item when you enter the devil room. By ending the boss fight with full health, this chance is increased substantially, though a devil room is not guaranteed. Sheol can also be accessed through the Angel Room, by using We Need To Go Deeper!, using the joker card or teleporting to the Error Room from Womb 2, regardless of whether Mom's Heart has been killed before. After defeating It Lives for the first time, access to Sheol is guaranteed for future games.


  • 1: The room will always appear once in this floor
  • Possible: There is a chance for this room to appear, usually due to certain criteria being met
  • *: This room can only appear due to a bug or special item
  • !: The room will work another way as known from other chapters
  • -: The room cannot appear in this floor.

Rooms in core game
Rooms Sheol Note
Regular Rooms 21 - 25
Treasure room icon Treasure Room -
Shop icon Shop -
Secret room icon Secret Room 1
BossRoomIcon Boss Room 1
Challegne room icon Challenge Room Possible Will only be generated if Isaac has full health while entering the floor.
Arcade icon Arcade -
Super secret room icon Devil Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card.
Super secret room icon I AM ERROR - It is not possible to teleport to the I AM ERROR room in Sheol.
Rooms with Wrath of the Lamb
Rooms Sheol Note
Super secret room icon Super Secret Room 1
Curse room icon Curse Room Possible
Sacrifice room icon Sacrifice Room Possible
Angel room icon Angel Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card.
Libary icon Library Possible 5% base chance to spawn, 25% if Isaac is holding a book.
Boss challenge room Boss Challenge Room Possible


Monster Description WotL DLC
Flies slowly towards Isaac, exploding into 4 projectiles in a + formation upon death.
Flies slowly towards Isaac, exploding into an IPECAC shot upon death which targets other Spits in the room, or Isaac.
Walks towards Isaac, dealing one heart of contact damage. Turns into a pile of goo after taking enough damage, where it can be killed. Will regenerate after a short amount of time if not killed quickly.
Selfless Knight
Alternative knight
Moves erratically around the room, charging at Isaac at very high speed. Can only be damaged from behind.
Kamikaze Leech
Quickly charges towards Isaac when he gets in its line of sight. Explodes with a large blast radius upon death.
Invulnerable stationary enemy. Raises its head up when Isaac gets close, revealing a fleshy stem that can be damaged. Upon raising its head, it will fire 3 blood shots and lower its head again.
Bloodshot Eye
Quickly fires a Brimstone-like laser at Isaac.
Evil Twin
Dople 2
Copies Isaac's movements, and fires tears at the same time as him.
Minibosses (7 Sins) found in normal rooms:
Always paired with another Sloth. Fires IPECAC shots at Isaac, while occasionally spawning Chargers.Charger.
Super Sloth
Super Sloth
Can replace a regular Sloth in a room. Fires 2 IPECAC shots at Isaac, while occasionally spawning SpidersBlack spider.
Always paired with another Greed. Fires 3 fast moving projectiles in Isaac's direction, which will cause him to lose Coins when hit. Can spawn two HoppersHopper at once.
Super Greed
Can replace a regular Greed in a room. Firing 4 fast moving projectiles in Isaac's direction, which will cause him to lose Coins when hit. Can spawn two KeepersAvarice at once.
Bosses found in normal rooms:
Gemini full
Two joined twins that compose 50% of the health bar each. The large twin runs towards Isaac, while the smaller twin fires fast-moving blood shots. The smaller twin will stop firing blood shots upon the larger twin's death, and instead start chasing Isaac.
Floats around the room diagonally, splitting into smaller, faster versions every time it takes damage. Smallest versions spawn a ChargerCharger when killed.
Loki full
Constantly fires 4 blood shots in a plus or cross pattern, and sometimes in all 8 directions at once. Occasionally teleports around the room. Can spawn Boom FliesBoomfly
Monstro II
285x230-MonstroII full
Functions similarly to Monstro, but fires a Brimstone laser instead of multiple blood shots. Can spawn SuckersSucker
The Fallen
TheFallen Full
Chases Isaac at high speeds, firing a Brimstone laser in a plus pattern at the end. Fires 3 and 4 blood shots at once regularly. Splits into two smaller versions of itself upon reaching 50% health.
Charges out of the room, returning to his previous spot where he started the charge. Spawns PootersPouter when Isaac is not in his line of sight, up to a maximum of 2. Upon reaching 33% of his health, he will lose his lower body and no longer charge at Isaac. Instead, he fires 3 fast-moving blood shots at Isaac in a single spot, with a small delay.

Fires IPECAC shots at Isaac, which leave a trail of green Creep. Constantly spawns ChargersCharger and SpitiesSpity

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he will lose his head and start spawning Attack FliesCUSTOMredfly instead of Chargers/Spities.


Charges to the left or right of the room, returning close to his previous spot upon charging 3 times. Fires 8 fast-moving blood shots in all directions. Occasionally goes to the top of the room, becoming invulnerable and spawning multiple Troll BombsTroll bomb

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he will lose his horse and instead start walking towards Isaac at high speeds, dealing contact damage. During this phase, he can sometimes stop and drop to the ground, making him more vulnerable to damage.


Spawns four scythes in random areas of the room, making them whirl towards Isaac.

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he dismounts his horse, which starts charging around the room in a pattern similar to War. The horse can now be destroyed, but it will not damage Death's health bar. Death himself will start spawning KnightsKnights



  • Sheol is translated in Hebrew to "abode of the dead". It is known as the Jewish Underworld.
  • A Chapter label called "Hell" can be found in the game files. This most likely represents a form of Sheol during earlier development.
  • Hearts appear to have a significantly lowered drop rate.




Binding of Isaac - Sheol

Gameplay in Sheol. Includes Satan boss and 11th ending.

Related Achievements

MomsKnife "Moms Knife" - Complete Sheol with Isaac.
TheGuardianAngel "The Guardian Angel" - Complete Sheol with Maggy.
TheMonsterManual "The Monster Manual" - Complete Sheol with Judas.
TheBombBag "The Bomb Bag" - Complete Sheol with Cain.
TheDemonBaby "The Demon Baby" - Complete Sheol with Eve.
ForgetMeNow "Forget Me Now" - Complete Sheol with ???.
Blood Rights "Blood Rights" - Complete Sheol with Samson.
The Negative Achievement "The Negative" - Complete Sheol five times in Rebirth


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