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Sack Head is a passive item added to the Afterbirth DLC.


  • Isaac wears a bag for a mask with holes for eyes and mouth.
  • All hearts, bombs, keys, batteries, runes, and cards have a high chance of being replaced by a sack.
  • All pickup have the chance of being replaced, they can be from chests, Shopkeepers, machines, etc.


  • Contract From Below: Double the sacks earned from clearing rooms.
  • D20: Because sacks often contain batteries, the D20 can reroll the contents into more batteries and more sacks. This could possibly lead to infinite pickups.
  • Flat Penny: When a penny is picked up, a sack could spawn instead of a key. The sack could contain more pennies which could lead into, yep, more sacks.
  • Head of the Keeper: Coins produced from hitting enemies could be replaced by sacks.
  • Lucky Rock: Destroyed rocks have a high chance of dropping sacks instead of coins.
  • Safety Scissors + Curse of the Tower: Each defused bomb have a chance of being replaced by a sack. Up to six sacks can spawn at once each time Curse of the Tower is triggered.


  • Sack Head is a reference to sacks with Isaac's face worn by nude people as masks from the Rebirth trailer.
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