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Rocks are obstacles commonly placed around the rooms, much like Fireplaces and Poop. There are several variations of a common Rock, but all of them function the same, occupying one square and blocking tears or movement through them. Regular projectiles also burst on rocks - only Spectral Tears granted through items like the Ouija Board pass through them.

They can be blown up by any kind of explosions. This is usually achieved by using Bombs, but various items that can cause explosions or enemies with an explosive projectile or death.

After bombing rocks near a pit and re-entering the room the rock will become part of the ground

Although regular rocks never drop anything, it can still be advisable to blow them up. If a Pit is only one tile broad, a Rock destroyed by a Bomb can fill this pit to form a bridge if it's pushed inside. This is achieved by setting the explosive from the opposite direction of the pit (so pit - rock - explosive have to be lined up either  horizontally or vertically). Various Chests, Slot Machines or Beggars can sometimes only be reached by crushing rocks if Isaac doesn't have flight.

If Isaac does have flight, it is possible to fly over the top of the rocks or hover right above them. The latter will also prevent you from getting hit by most enemy projectiles or ground monsters' attacks. Therefore, if you also have Spectral tears, this tactic can prevent some regular enemies and/or bosses from hurting you at all.

Tinted Rock[]

Blue rock

Also known as a X Marks The Spot Rock

Sometimes, a Rock might appear with a dark blue tint, as well as with a little "X" in the upper right corner.

The "X" rightfully indicates a treasure, because such Tinted Rocks will drop various items when blown up. Aside from that, they act like regular rocks.

It's usually worth the Bomb to destroy a Tinted Rock. As mentioned above, Rocks can also be blown up by various enemies, so with the right tactic the player might be able to destroy these rocks even without using Bombs.

Tinted Rocks in The Womb and Utero are not easily distinguishable from other rocks. However it is still possible, while they are the same red color as always, but their texture still has the "x marks the spot" tiny "x" on them (lower left for square rock, upper middle for pointy rock). Also because other rocks change shape when you exit and enter the room, you can tell when a rock is not tinted.

Bombing the rock next to a pit would make it lose its colour and X.


  • Soul Heart Soul heart
    Blue rock map
  • 2 Soul hearts Soul heartSoul heart
  • 3 Soul Hearts Soul heartSoul heartSoul heart (Rare)
  • 1 Bomb Bomb and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart
  • 1 BombBomb and 2 Soul Hearts Soul heartSoul heart (Rare)
  • 2 Bombs BombBomb (Rare)
  • 2 Bombs BombBomb and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart (Rare)
  • 2 Bombs BombBomb and 2 Soul Hearts Soul heartSoul heart (Rare)
  • 3 Bombs BombBombBomb and 2 Soul Hearts Soul heartSoul heart (Rare)
  • 1 Eternal Heart Eternal (Rare, Wrath of the Lamb only)
  • 3 Bombs Bomb, 1 Bomb (1+1) 1plus1,1 Key Keyand 1 Tarot Card Tarot Cards Icon
  • 1 Bomb Bomb, 1 Pill Pill Blue Green Ground and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart
  • 1 Key Key and 1 Bomb Bomb
  • 1 Key Key and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart
  • 1 Key Key , 1 Bomb Bomb and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart (rare)
  • 1 Key Key
  • 2 Keys Key
  • Small Rock Small Rock Icon
  • Small Rock Small Rock Icon and 1 Soul Heart Soul heart
  • Small Rock Small Rock Icon and 1 Key Key
  • Chest Chest
  • Golden chest Gold chest

Various Trinkets can affect the chances of what you get:

  • Ace of Spades Aceofspades - Increased chance of a card drop
  • Child Heart Childsheart - Increased chance of a heart drop
  • Match Stick Matchstick - Increased chance of a bomb drop

Indestructible Rock[]

Indestructible vs normal rock

Indestructible rock next to a normal rock

A special indestructible type of rock exists within a Unique Room. These rocks are near black, even in The Womb, and cannot be destroyed by traditional bombs. They were found on three sides of a chest, the fourth being a lock block.


Related Achievements[]

Rock "Small Rock" - Destroy 50 Rocks. Does not have to be in one playthrough.
Mrmega "Mr. Mega!" - Destroy 30 Tinted Rocks. Does not have to be done in a single playthrough.