Rag Man (ラグマン Raguman) is a boss added in the Afterbirth DLC. He is encountered in The Basement and Burning Basement in Chapter 1.

Description Description

He strongly resembles to the Egyptian mummy with deep-grey skin, several old wrappings, empty eye-sockets, and old-stained teeth.

Blast Behavior

Rag Man walks around at the speed of a Pacer in random directions unless the player is close by, when he will start following.

Rag Man's main attack is to pull of his head and roll it along the ground (either at random, or at the player when in range.) When the head slows to a stop, it spawns a Rag Trite which behaves as normal (it just resembles Rag Man's head, with purple-burning third eye, on spider legs.)

Occasionally Rag Man will summon a Psychic Trite without losing his head; a purple vertical beam surrounds him when he does this.

Rag Man can also spit a burst of homing shots at the player if they get too close.

Pickaxe Strategy

Close quarter combat is dangerous because of Rag Man's homing shots, and focusing on the Rag Trites he spawns leaves him free to spawn more. Having Brimstone or Technology makes this fight relatively easy.

At the same time, you can generally divide Isaac's time between Rag Man and Trites and just wear him down. Pickups that extend range or fire rate are probably best.

Question Trivia

  • Before update patch v1.06.0193, Rag Man's health amount is 250. (Relic-Rebirth?)
  • Rag Man concept

    Concept art for Rag Man.

    Rag Man is one of the bosses in Rebirth to have a concept art; two others are Little Horn and Dingle.
  • He is referred as male by Edmund McMillen from one of his Afterbirth posts.[1]
  • He is inspired by the Magic: The Gathering card of the same name.
  • Rag Man's appearance is likely a reference to Lazarus (not to be confused with the character Lazarus) who is bound about from head to toe with grave wrappings until he was brought back alive by Jesus Christ.

BIBLE References

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