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Pride is one of the Seven Deadly Sins who appears as a sad child, similar to Isaac, with a gray body.


In combat, he has two easy-to-spot attacks.

The first attack, forewarned by him making a "Troll" face, spawns 4 Troll Bombs in random sections of the room. He is immune to damage from his own troll bombs. The second attack, before which he makes a "Forever Alone" face, projects 4 wave-like lasers from himself in an X-pattern.

Pride may drop a Troll Bomb, Tarot Card, or the Anarchist Cookbook on death.


The best tactic is to stay to Pride's left or right, since the X-attack won't hit Isaac, and Isaac can easily go up or down to avoid the bombs. Pay attention to the order the bombs spawn, because the first ones to explode will throw the others around the room. He is also immune to his own bombs, so Isaac cannot use them to damage Pride like Isaac can with Wrath.

Champion VariantWrath of the Lamb DLC[]

Eternal Pride

In Hard Mode, Eternal Pride uses 2 attacks:

  • Summons 4 Troll Bombs.
  • Shoots 4-way lines diagonally and releases 3 rings of large amount of blood shots in a spiral pattern.

This variant was added in the Eternal Edition update.


  • XVI-The Tower, Anarchist Cookbook, Troll Bombs and Mega Troll Bombs (including Epic Fetus bombs) don't work on Pride.


  • Pride and Envy are the only two sins that do not appear in The Chest.
  • Isaac's Last Will shows the cause of death as Envy when killed by Pride. This may or may not have been intentional.
  • The faces made by Pride before attacking are references to the "Trollface" and "Forever Alone" memes respectively.


  • In Wrath of the Lamb, the item combo of Dr. Fetus and Mr. Mega is useless against Pride, because the game considers bombs you throw as Mega Troll Bombs, to which Pride is immune. To defeat him, you have to have an attacking familiar such as Brother Bobby and Sister Maggy or use dropped bombs instead.

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