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Pokies are invulnerable spiked objects, found only in The Depths/Necropolis, and sometimes alongside Loki.


Pokies can only move around the room relatively slowly, damaging Isaac by contact damage. However, dodging them can be difficult in tight rooms with many environmental objects, and in groups.

It is possible to slow down Pokies with Spider's Bite/Little Gish, and freeze them with Mom's Contacts.


The Slide is a new enemy added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. They can most commonly be found in Necropolis, but can also be found in Utero, Cathedral and The Chest.

Unlike Pokies, Slides are stationary until Isaac gets in their line of sight. Once he does so, they will move at very high speeds towards Isaac, and then return to their previous spot once they hit an environmental object.

Any environmental object (Such as Rocks) in front of it will prevent it from attacking Isaac. This makes The Poop item exceptionally useful. If activated correctly, it can render The Slide completely immobile.


Poky/Slide as shown on Isaacs last will.

These usually spawn in four corners of a room, near the center of the room, or sometimes replacing a Poky in the Loki boss fight or in The Depths.

A way of avoiding this enemy is to trigger it, send it sliding, then go to where you need to go, it cannot slide at you when it is already currently sliding in another direction.

A Slide will not be removed even upon clearing a room.

Slide does have an Eternal variant in Original Binding of Isaac, though it's just a bigger and whiter version of normal Slide with no differences.


  • This enemy (especially the Slide) is a direct reference to the Legend of Zelda's recurring enemy known as Blade Trap, which works in exactly the same way in the original game. In subsequent games, most notably in Ocarina of Time, it moves on its own, bouncing back and forth between two walls.
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