Common Cold Shot

In The Binding of Isaac, there are eight items that can poison enemies.

A poisoned enemy takes a set number of damage over a certain amount of time.


Each Poison item deals a varying amount of damage over a set time period.

Item Icon Poison Damage Ticks (Per hit of poison damage) Total Damage
The Common Cold
The Common Cold Icon
2 damage 3 6 damage
The Virus  
The Virus Icon
3.5 damage 3

10.5 damage

(+30 damage upon contact)

The Bean
The Bean Icon
3.5 damage 10

35 damage.

(+5 damage upon use)

Bad Gas Pill
Pill Blue Blue Ground
3.5 damage 10

35 damage.

(+5 damage upon use)

The Black Bean
The Black Bean Icon
3.5 damage 10

35 damage

(+5 damage upon contact, in a small area around Isaac)

Pinky Eye
4 damage 3

12 damage

7 damage 1 7 damage
Bob's Curse
Bobs Curse Icon
7 damage 7

49 damage

(+60 flat bomb damage)

Bob's Rotten Head
Bobs Rotten Head Icon
7 damage 15

105 damage

(+Variable explosion damage depending on the Damage stat)


  • Isaac's base tears (without any damage modifiers) deal 3.5 damage per hit. Therefore, the average tick of poison damage does damage equivalent to one tear or above.
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