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Pits are environmental tiles commonly found in The Caves/Catacombs and The Depths/Necropolis. They block Isaac's movements, and can only be crossed over by The Ladder, Flight, or by blowing up a Rock in front of them.


  • Most non-flying Monsters cannot move over pits.
    • Therefore, certain enemies such as Globins will completely stop moving and be unable to reach Isaac if he gets behind multiple Pits. (Shown below)
  • Meat Boy and the headless body created by The Pinking Shears are unable to cross Pits. However, all other Familiars are able to go over Pits, as they have natural Flight.
  • Pits are able to be crossed without flight if Isaac blows up a rock parallel to a pit, knocking the rocks inside. He can also use items like Leo or Thunder Thighs to "push" rocks into adjacent pits to fill them. (Shown below)
    • If Isaac leaves and returns to a room where this has been done, the pit square will have 'closed up' and will appear as regular ground.


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