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The NPCs (non-playable characters) are characters in The Binding of Isaac which were not directly played by Isaac or other playable characters.

Isaac's Mom[]

For the article about the boss, see Mom.
Mom bindingofisaac

Isaac's Mom in the opening cutscene.

Issac's mother is the main antagonist of the game's prologue. She was asked by God to sacrifice her own son in order to ultimately prove her love and devotion, causing Issac to retreat to the basement. Isaac's mother, right when she is about to end her son's life in the name of faith, is stopped by divine intervention and Isaac's life is saved.

Isaac's Dad[]

Not much is known about Isaac's father in the original game but there are three photos of him seen during Ending 14. The last image of him is him leaving from Isaac's home, hinting that Isaac's father and Mom were divorced.

His name was also mentioned from the item Dad's Key.


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Children from Isaac's Thoughts[]

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Deceased Residents[]

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For more specific information, see Beggar or Devil Beggar.

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