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Mulligoons are a subspecies of Mulligans appearing in both The Binding of Isaac and the Rebirth remake.

The color of their skin is a little darker and appear to be missing their left eye. They sport with a single buck tooth. Unlike regular Mulligans, they don't shed tears but still making crying and whimpering noise.


They don't hurt the player on touch and attempt to avoid them, possibly running over spikes or into fire whilst doing so.

They explode into 4 projectiles in an X-pattern and always drop a troll bomb upon death. If they choose to explode, they do so into 6 projectiles rather than 4.

Eternal Champion Behavior

Eternal Mulligoons will periodically spawn spiders while running away from Isaac.


  • Isaac can try chasing them to a wall that is likely to lead to a secret room, making use of their troll bomb. This can be especially profitable when encountered in the Basement if Isaac doesn't have any bombs yet. This can also be used to blow up any Tinted Rocks Isaac may encounter in the room.


  • When getting killed by the Mulligoon from the original game, a Hive will be displayed on Isaac's Last Will.
  • From the original game, while the Mulligoons have missing left eyes, they open when the Mulligoons are about to explode. It appears that their left eyes aren't damaged at all.
    • In Rebirth, however, their missing left eyes remain shut.
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