A bomb with a face.


Isaac's head becomes identical to that of Wrath's head.

Gives Isaac five Bombs, and makes all dropped bombs large bombs (the same size bomb dropped when Mr. Boom is used) that have a larger explosion. Also doubles the damage of bombs.

Being used with Dr. Fetus the bombs gain the appearance of Super Troll Bombs. However, when leaving a room with such a bomb in it and re-entering it, the bomb will look like a normal bomb.



  • Dr. Fetus - All bombs fired become larger with increased damage, and get a Super Troll Bomb appearance if the player has Wrath of the Lamb installed. This is purely aesthetic. This also causes Pride to take no damage from your tears. Normal bombs, however, will still damage him.



  • When combined with the Item Bucket of Lard, it causes a flicker effect on the character (because of overlapping textures). This also happens if you use any kind of stats up pill.
  • When combined with Roid Rage, the character loses Wrath's head, and it is replaced with the Roid Rage face.

Related Achievements

"Mr. Mega!" - Destroy 30 Tinted Rocks. Does not have to be done in a single playthrough.
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