More Options is an item which can add an extra Treasure Room items by one. This however doesn't add another item but a choice of which to pick. This item can be found in the store. It looks like a golden There's Options.


  • Using The Dice with this item allows for further manipulation of the item pool, with at least 4 choices for one roll of items in the Treasure Room.
  • Using The Dice, Habit, Piggy Bank, and Bloody Penny you can have not infinite but almost infinite re-rolls if there is a fire or some way to hurt yourself. Let me explain, with habit taking damage gives you a charge, with piggy bank you have a chance of dropping money, and, the bloody penny makes it so you have a 50% chance to make a half-heart appear. So if you are lucky, you can get your charge with habit, drop money, turn that money back into health, re-roll, and repeat. This combo will work with More Options, There's Options, or even nothing. The reason you want one of the option items is so it will be more easy to get what you want because there are two things to chose from at once.


  • Even if it is not collected in the run, his effect will always be active in the Treasure Rooms of the Blue Womb.
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