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Mom's Hand is a predictable but dangerous enemy. They were first added in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

In the Afterbirth DLC, they can be encountered in Scarred Womb and the I AM ERROR secret room as well.


Mom's Hand telegraphs its presence by a distinct Mom's laugh upon entering the room. The hand(s) will then fall down from the ceiling and attempt to grab Isaac, dealing half a heart of damage in addition to sending Isaac to the previous room.

In the Afterbirth expansion, the ground may shake to signal Mom's Hand.


  • In the Afterbirth DLC, 1 or 2 Mom's Hand allies can be summoned when using Emergency Contact.


  • This enemy is likely a reference to the Wallmaster, an enemy encountered in The Legend of Zelda series.


  • Unlimited hearts: If Mom's hand is spawned in a room with any other hearts, specifically Soul or Black hearts, you can gain unlimited hearts. This is done by -
  1. Picking up the heart (+1 heart)
  2. Getting taken out of the room by Mom's hand (-0.5 heart)
  3. Repeat as necessary, gaining half a heart each time.
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