A pink eye with a red pupil surrounded by a red glow.


Grants Isaac a petrifying shot that has a 20% chance to freeze enemies for 2.5 seconds and turns tears bright red.

The freezing effect will not work on Mom, but it will work on It Lives and invulnerable enemies (Stone Grimaces, Knights attacked from the front, etc.).


  • Any item that increases Isaac's rate of fire (e.g. Thin Odd Mushroom ) will synergise well with this item, as every projectile fired gives a chance of freezing the target.
    • Technology 2 - Due to its extremely high rate of fire, Technology 2 can allow Isaac to freeze most bosses/enemies almost permanently.

Unlocking Mom's Contacts

Mom's Eye + Unlock
Mom's Underwear
Mom's Heels
Mom's Lipstick
Mom's Knife
Mom's Bottle Of Pills
Mom's Purse
Mom's Pad
Mom's Bra
Mom's Coin Purse
Mom's Purse

Order in which items are picked up doesn't matter (e.g. getting Mom's Heels then Mom's Eye also counts). In addition, it is only necessary to have held one of the required Activated Collectible at some point during the run, not keep them.


  • If the body of a Mr. Maw enemy is frozen when the head launched, the head will detach but then reattach when the body is unfrozen.

Related Achievements

Momscontacts "Mom's Contacts" - Collect Mom's Eye and any other Mom item in the same run.

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