Midas Touch is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac Rebirth. Its icon is a gold ingot.


Obtaining this item turns Isaac's torso into gold.

Touching enemies deals damage equal to the number of coins held, and freezes them and colors them golden for a few seconds. If killed in this golden state, the enemy will drop 2 Pennies


  • If used in conjunction with E. Coli, enemies will turn into golden poop, which allows the player to get a lot more money, dealing more damage to enemies he touches because the more money the player has, the more touch damage he does.
    • If the player has Money = Power and E. Coli, it allows you to make a ton more damage because you get a lot of money from golden poop, effectively increasing both touch damage and tears damage. Despite that, it is not recommended to get hit voluntarily, especially in the The Womb / Utero and onwards, because you take one heart of damage.
  • When used while having touched one or more enemies, Flush can be used to transform all the enemies touched into golden poop, doing the same effect as with E. Coli.
  • If you have the Mysterious Candy trinket, you randomly poop golden poop.


  • Because when you take one heart of damage, in The Womb / Utero, you can take advantage of that to go touch other enemies (if possible).


  • When fighting Mom, if you have this item. When the foot comes down to stomp the character, the foot will turn into gold, character does not take damage, and can safely move away from the foot.


  • The item's name is in reference to King Midas, who in Greek myth could turn what he touched into gold.
    • The idiom of "someone having Midas' Touch" means that this person is very lucky.


For Rebirth

  • G3QL 24Y0

For Afterbirth

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