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Mega Maw is a new boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Its design is based of the Psychic Maw.


He is a larger version of the Psychic Maw enemy with huge, empty eye-sockets. It has blood running from its eye-sockets as well as from its jaw. There is a long slit from its forehead which can open while shooting projectiles.


The Mega Maw will stay in the top of the room and will not follow the player. Its attacks are:

  • Monstro-like blood shots
  • A ring of fast purple flames
  • A spinning ring of slower purple flames
  • Two spinning rings of purple flames (less dense than previous attacks)
  • Summoning Hoppers


  • Despite being based off of the Psychic Maw, it doesn't shoot homing tears or any kind of homing projectile.
  • Mom's Knife and Ludvico Technique can be really useful in this boss, as it stays still during all the fight. The player will only have to worry about dodging its attacks.


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