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Mama Gurdy (ママガーディ Mamagādi), also known as Mega Gurdy from the concept art, is a boss that can be encountered in The Womb and Utero. She is a full-adult version of Gurdy.


Mama Gurdy is a larger form of Gurdy with several warts covered her face and thicker arms each possessing with four fingers. She can be seen attached to the northern wall.


Mama Gurdy resides at the top of the room, moving from left to right to land her attacks. She can attack by vomiting, firing a large amount of orange shots downward and leaving creep that slows Isaac, shooting 1-3 salvos of 4-5 blood shots, and summoning spikes from the floor that disappear after about a second. Occasionally, she will raise before executing this attack, making her unable to be hit until the spikes disappear.


Mama Gurdy can be very threatening, as she uses her spike attack without warning. However, one can completely nullify the risk of being harmed by this attack with flight, and the spikes will usually spawn around the player instead of directly under their feet, which makes them easier to evade by standing still. The rest of her attacks can be avoided fairly easily, as they are mainly directed to the front of the room.


  • The Callus trinket will not protect the player from Mama Gurdy's spikes.


  • Mama Gurdy is named after the fan animation from YouTube titled "Mama Gurdy is proud".[1]
  • From the concept art, Mama Gurdy's unused attack was going to summon Para-Bites.[2]
  • Mama Gurdy seems to be a mature version of the Gurdy boss series, with the pupal version being Gurdy, the larva version being Gurdy Jr., and the egg version being the Gurglings respectively.
  • Her Japanese name, "Mamagādi", translates to "Mom-gurdy".


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