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Lokii (ロキー Rokī) (also known as Loki 2) is the posthumous form of Loki found only in the Utero.


Lokii consists of two entities, each a vertical half of Loki from a clean split down the middle. The mark from his forehead is missing.

In the original game, strangely enough, he appears to have lost both pairs of his arms. But in Rebirth, his two pair of arms reappeared.


Lokii's attacks are almost identical to fighting 2 Loki's, though they only spawn Red Boom Flies and no normal ones.

Their main attack has 3 steps. They pose while attacking. First, they shoot 4 projectiles in a "+" shaped pattern, followed by 4 shots in an "X" shaped pattern, and finishing with another 4 shots in a "+" pattern. Their other attack shoots 8 projectiles in a circle around him.

Lokii's halves will also randomly teleport themselves during the fight and occasionally spawn a Red Boom Fly.

Try to focus on one half in order to make the battle easier. Watching for Lokii's signals can also help in predicting and avoiding their attacks.

Champion Variants


Eternal Lokii

Eternal Lokii is exactly the same as Eternal Loki.


  • Page 10
    From the artbook at page 10, Lokii's appearance from the top right is identical to his normal counterpart, but the only exception is that he possess with bat-like wings, meaning that he wasn't a posthumous version at all.
  • The two 'i' letters at the end of Lokii's are likely a reference the Roman numeral II, which is 2, referencing the fact that Lokii is just Loki split in 2 halves. This gets supported by the way the name is written on the vs. Screen: The two i at the end of the name have a straight line through them at the bottom; such lines are commonly added at the top and the bottom of the letters when writing a Roman numeral.
  • He is even more infrequent and rare to find than regular Loki; to the point that he was thought to be bugged out of the game until his appearance was reported a couple of weeks after the release of WotL.
  • Despite obtaining Lokii's two pair of arms from the in-game of Rebirth, his arms are still missing from his "Vs" artwork.


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