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Lilith is a character added in Afterbirth expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. Lilith starts out blindfolded meaning she has no ability to fire tears. Lilith is unlocked by defeating Greed Mode with Azazel.

Lilith starts with three items, and is the only character with such a multitude.

She begins with a familiar who shoots tears for her called Incubus, (which takes on any tear effects personally. Ex: Polyphemus - Incubus gains large, short range tears) a Box of Friends, which doubles all familiars, and another passive item, Cambion Conception (if unlocked).

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  • Thanks to her Box of Friends, she is very effective having more shooting familiars at the same time like Brother Bobby and Sister Maggy, or the ones who pursue enemies like Cube of Meat (Super Meat Boy) or Ball of Bandages (Bandage Girl).
  • In Greed Mode, do not exit the central room until you completed all the waves of enemies so you can maintain the familiars with you, because when you change rooms you lose all the extra familiars thanks to Box of Friends until next charge.
  • Best Friends Forever is great for Lilith since she is a familiar based character.

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