This article is about the enemy. For the familiar item of the same name, see Lil' Haunt. For a boss based on the enemy, see The Haunt.

Lil' Haunts are smaller versions of The Haunt first encountered in Chapter 3, Sheol and Cathedral of Chapter 5, and Chapter 6.

Description Description

As their name suggests, they appear as smaller version of The Haunt with a single tooth from the bottom jaw.

Blast Behavior

They quickly dash towards Isaac and stop to shoot a bullet-shot at him occasionally.

Note Notes

  • During the boss battle against The Haunt, there are at least 3 invisible Lil' Haunts circling around it. First, one Lil' Haunt becomes vulnerable and chase Isaac. After the first Lil' Haunt gets killed, two more are now vulnerable and chase after Isaac once more.
    • From The Haunt's pink variant, there is only 1 Lil' Haunt. (Coin?)
    • The Haunt's grey variant got 2 Lil' Haunts circling around it. (Coin?)
  • They cannot be turned into poop when using the Flush item during The Haunt's boss battle.

Question Trivia

  • From The Haunt's V.S. artwork, Lil' Haunts look very different, bearing some resemblances to The Lost.
  • Lil' Haunts are one of the few monsters to appear as small type of actual bosses. Others being Ministro (Monstro smaller type), Gurglings (as regular enemies and Gurdy's smaller counterparts), and Dukie (The Duke of Flies' smaller type).
  • Lil' Haunt is the only non-boss monster to be one of Delirium's many forms. (Relic-Rebirth?)
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