Libra is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. It is the astrological sign for Libra, the scales.


Upon collection, the right half of Isaac's body becomes black.

Add 6 coins, 6 bombs and 6 keys to your inventory.

Balance out the numerical value of your stats (the bars still appear unequal);the formula remains unknown. Notice that this effect is NOT one time only: Every time one of Isaac's stat changes, Libra balance all his stats again.This even include temporarily stat-ups.

Libra affects and balances these stats: Speed, Tears, Damage and Range. The Hidden Stat Shot Height is also affected.


  • Under the effect of Libra, Damage Mutiplier (e.g.Sacred Heart) effects the players' other stats much less than the change of other stats or flat damage (e.g. IPECAC)
  • A Lump of Coal cannot effect the characters other stats while under Libra's effect.


  • Soy Milk - Tears is decreased, but the fire rate is still incredibly high (approximately 3 times of the fire rate before picking up both items);Damage will be higher than Polyphemus and Speed will be maxed.Shot Height is greatly increased therefore tears can fly above obstacles like spectral tears.
  • IPECAC - Damage is deacrased to about 30%,however the fire rate will be 2 times of the fire rate before picking up both items, and speed will be maxed.
  • Taurus - Slowly gain all stats after entering a room containing enemies.
  • Bloody Lust (Rebirth) - All stats increase as damage increases.


  • The amount of items given is a reference to 666, the number of the beast.
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