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Lazarus is an unlockable character in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. He is unlocked by picking up four Soul Hearts or Black Hearts in a run.

Revived Lazarus

When Lazarus dies or another character with Lazarus' Rags, he will be revived as Revived Lazarus. He will respawn with a single heart container and Anemic. He also gains a boost in damage, range, speed, and luck. Unlike other revival items, which respawn the character in the nearest cleared room, Laz is revived on the spot. Although Revived Lazarus is considered to be a separate character from Lazarus, achievements and Completion Marks can be unlocked as Revived Lazarus for Lazarus' profile.


  • Lazarus' name and extra life is a reference to St. Lazarus of Bethany, in the Gospel of John. Lazarus was revived by Jesus Christ four days after his death. This might be why he requires four soul/black hearts to be unlocked.
  • On Isaac's Last Will, when Revived Lazarus dies, his name is stained with blood.


These unlockables apply to Afterbirth only.

Good Items

Bad Items

  • Avoid Cricket's Body unless Lazarus has decent to high range. The splash tears and tears up might be tempting, it gives a range down. Paired with his initial range, the result can be dangerous.
  • Number One for the reason above.
  • A Lump of Coal loses efficiency due to the low range.
  • Eve's Mascara and Dead Onion can prove negative with the drastic shot speed reduction combined with the starting range.

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