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Large Marge is Challenge #3 from the Wrath of the Lamb expansion.

Once Large Marge has been chosen, you will begin the game, as normal. However, you will notice that the Curse of the Labyrinth effect will take place. This is the gimmick of this challenge, as the Curse Of The Labyrinth effect will be on every floor. The goal is to defeat Mom. Treasure Rooms are present.


Since every single floor will be an XL one, the player would have to venture through many, many rooms filled with monsters to adquire the 2 Treasure Rooms, and to make it to the 2 Bosses. Other than that though, Large Marge is one of the easiest challenges to beat.


  • Items that show you where some areas are, like The Compass and Treasure Map, are good items that can make life that much easier for you, since you won't have to go through so many rooms to find what you're looking for.
  • Additionally, the We Need To Go Deeper! item is a godsend, as it essentially lets you skip 2 floors, so if you're going for speed, that's a must.
    • However, as for almost all challenges, it must be avoided if you are in the Depths floor. Otherwise, you will not beat the challenge normally, and instead go to Chapter 4 (The Womb/Utero) levels.


The Burnt PennyBurnt Penny - Complete Large Marge (challenge #3).


  • Weather or not because of a bug, you unlock the Burnt Penny item by beating the random Depths boss, not by beating Mom. This is the only challenge of this kind that goes this route, so it's most likely a bug.
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