This article refers to the challenge in the original games DLC. For a challenge that uses a similar strategy in Rebirth/Afterbirth, see XXXXXXXXL.


Large Marge is challenge #3 from the Wrath Of The Lamb expansion for the original Binding of Isaac game. Once Large Marge has been chosen, you will begin the game, as normal. However, you will notice that the Curse Of The Labyrinth effect will take place. This is the gimmick of this challenge, as no matter what you do, the Curse Of The Labyrinth will be on every floor. The challenge itself ends either when Isaac dies, or if he defeats Mom!, in that case, you will have beat the challenge.


  • You must defeat Mom! to actually beat the challenge. Should you pass the Mom boss fight using the We Need To Go Deeper! item, or the I AM ERROR room, you will not actually beat the challenge, and instead go to The Womb levels.
  • If you choose to go down this route, you have effectively lost your chance to beat this challenge, as the challenge requires you to beat Mom.                                   


Large Marge only requires a bit of luck, and a lot of patience. Items that show you where some areas are, like The Compass and Treasure Map, are good items that can make life that much easier for you. Additionally, the We Need To Go Deeper! item is a godsend, as it lets you essentially skip 2 floors, so if your going for speed, thats a must. Other than that, all general isaac strategies will work here.


Beating the Large Marge challenge rewards you with the Burnt Penny item.


  • Weather or not because of a bug, you unlock the Burnt Penny item by beating the random Depths boss, not by beating Mom. This is the only challenge of this kind that goes this route, so its most likely a bug.