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Krampus is the mini boss added to the game during the Christmas update. He has a 10% chance to appear in a Devil Room. He is considered as an alternate version of The Fallen.

Krampus has a look similar to The Fallen, but appears larger with longer horns and white head.


Krampus' main attack consists of spitting two salvos of bullets, one with 3 and the other with 4 bullets. If Isaac aligns himself vertically or horizontally with Krampus, he will react by quickly shooting up blood beams in all four cardinal directions (similar to The Fallen's attack).

  • Keep your distance from Krampus. This will help you to better dodge his bullets.
  • Try not to align with him in a cardinal direction. If you have to cross Krampus' line of sight, do it as quickly as possible.
  • Angling your shots can help to deal additional damage during the blood beam.
  • While spewing blood, Krampus is immobile, which means that he's the perfect target for a well placed bomb.

After defeating Krampus, he drops the item A Lump of Coal and a random pickup may spawn (like when finishing a normal room).


  • Krampus has a 1/10 chance to spawn in any devil room, plus an extra 1/3 chance if you have taken a devil deal at any point during the run. Due to how this is calculated, if you've taken a devil deal the overall probability works out at a total of 40%.
  • You can only fight Krampus once per run.
  • Using The Dice to re-roll the Lump of Coal will change it to another item found in the Devil Room Item Pool.

Champion Variants


Eternal Krampus acts similarly to normal one, roaming around the room and shooting bullets at Isaac often, but it will repeat the bullet attack for 4 times in a rapid session. It will more likely to use its brimstone attack if Isaac aligns with it.


  • Krampus is a mythological creature from the Alps, believed to punish or warn children who have been naughty; hence the lump of coal.
  • In Yule mythology, Krampus looks more like a goat, and has a sack of which he puts very naughty children in as a punishment.
  • The Pumpkin Mask was originally supposed to be the item dropped after defeating Krampus.
  • When killed by Krampus, the picture on Isaac's Last Will will display the drawing of The Fallen.
  • The achievement A Gift from Krampus Is actually the achievement The Kid's Xmas! from Super Meat Boy, except the colors of the gift are reversed.

Related Achievements

TheGiftFromKrampus.JPG"A Gift From Krampus" - Defeat Krampus in the Devil Room.



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