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Keeper, or "Greed Head", is an enemy added with the Wrath of the Lamb expansion. It is the disembodied head similar to Greed and the Shopkeepers, commonly found in The Catacombs.


Keepers usually fire 2 short-ranged blood shots in a V formation (similar to Fat Flies) at Isaac when he gets in their line of sight. Getting hit by Keepers will cause Isaac to lose some of his coins.

Keepers move comparably slow and can jump in a fashion that's similar to that of a Hopper, but cannot jump over obstacles like Rocks or pits. Keepers are however, capable of squeezing through diagonal spaces formed by pits and rocks as seen in the screenshot below. It is not known if this movement is intentional or the result of a bug.

They are commonly found in groups from two to six, sometimes in conjunction with Fat Flies. They can also be spawned by Super Greed.

Champion Variant[]

The Eternal Keeper is exclusive to Hard Mode, as of the Eternal Edition update. Similar to the Eternal Hopper, it starts its jump a bit slower. Eternal Keeper also shoots 4-way bullets each time it lands, and shoots the "v" pattern bullets occasionally. Note that getting hit by Eternal Keeper will cause you to drop not only pennies, but also bombs and keys.


  • Like Fat Flies, the Keeper's split shot will usually completely avoid you if you stand still. It should be noted, however, unlike Fat Flies they can still jump into and attack you.


  • It has been noted that Greed appears to be a version of the hanged figures found in shops that has broken free. Since Keepers are the bodyless versions of Greed, the name "Keeper" probably originated from "Shopkeeper".


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