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The Gurglings (ガーグリングズ Gāguringuzu) are a pair of bosses that can appear as a boss in either the Basement or Caves of The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. They may also appear on the next floors as a mini-boss.

They may also appear in The Womb later as regular enemies, as evidenced by the lack of a health bar. This version does not spawn any Flies, but fires 6-way bullets.


Gurgling ingame
They appear as a pair of small, bipedal gut-like lumps resembling a smaller version of Gurdy that walk on floors with their arms acting as "legs". Each one possess with a single tooth.


Each of the two entities follow the same pattern; they will wander about the arena while producing trails of red creep, occasionally stopping to either charge toward the player or stop to spawn a fly or two.


  • It appears that the Gurgling will not charge at the player so long as the character is against a wall, however they can charge if the Gurgling are against the wall as well.
  • If Isaac's speed stat is 1, the player cannot outrun the Gurglings.

Champion Variants

In the Afterbirth, the Gurglings receive two champion variants.

More info coming soon.


  • Because of the same "Gur" root as well as appearance, one can assume that the Gurdy Evolutionary Line proceeds as such: Gurgling, Gurdy Jr., Gurdy, Momma Gurdy.


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